[Webinar] What Do Content Teams Need to Know about ABM?

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Remember when GDPR was just a fuzzy concept, nothing more than a collection of capital letters that would probably be important to someone, sometime, somehow? And remember how, even though we’d heard about it for years, we were startled by the frantic messages from our biz ops and legal teams in the months and weeks leading up to the deadline? (Or was that just me?)

ABM, which as we all know, stands for account-based marketing, isn’t a law and doesn’t have a hard deadline. But it’s a similarly vague and futuristic-feeling concept for many of us who cling to the hope that one day we’ll waltz into the office to discover that we’ve successfully implemented the practice. Because deep down we know that if we don’t, our organizations will be left behind.

That’s why we’ve enlisted an expert to hold a live webinar to discuss all things ABM. Register here.

Show Some Love for the ABM Philosophy

For years, B2B marketers have known that throwing generalized, mass-appeal content out into the world wasn’t the best strategy.

Instead, we argued, content should be intentional: targeted to particular types of people (personas) and particular times in the consideration process (buying stages). We knew that truly compelling content won’t be compelling to everyone—and that that was okay.

ABM takes that idea to the next level, arguing that some percentage of our time should be spent narrowing our focus to particular accounts and creating content with them in mind. In many ways, it’s a logical extension of what we marketers have been preaching for years.

The Role of Content Operations

“Content is queen in the realm of ABM,” says Forrester. But what does that mean for content teams?

Successful ABM strategy requires the alignment of multiple teams, agreement on and communication around goals, and of course, top-notch, targeted content. The only way this works is if each stakeholder understands their particular role.

We know that content is a crucial part of the ABM process, but how exactly can content creators and strategists ensure they know what roles they are being asked to play in this complex and collaboration-heavy process? How can we influence strategy and most effectively enable the sales team? How will ABM strategy fit into broader content operations? Is sales ultimately in charge, or are we?

Insights from an Expert

ABM calls in many people and incorporates many strategies. To track down the information we as marketers need, I’ve invited Engagio CMO Heidi Bullock to get on the mic and lead us all in a crash-course on ABM—specifically from the perspective of content teams.

She’ll be answering all my burning questions—and yours, if you attend live!

It’s time we marketers took on ABM head on. I hope you can join us on Thursday, July 26 at 11 a.m. PT/2 p.m. ET! Register here.


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