The Art & Science of Content Marketing [Infographic]

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Content marketers work in two spaces: the lab and the studio.

The lab is the place where we sift through the mountain of data at our disposal—data that grants us unparalleled insights into the purchasing process. We can track our buyer’s online behavior, craft campaigns around the trends and habits we discover, and test new tactics that lead to better results.

The studio is a place where we transform complex concepts are into accessible, valuable messages. Emotions are at the forefront in the studio. We work to communicate our messages through different mediums and distribution channels. In the studio, we push boundaries, and constantly explore new ways of inspiring people to take action with our brand.

These two worlds—science and art—are often viewed as distinct. But the best content marketers incorporate both into a single content operation. They leverage lessons from data to develop content that converts, while pushing beyond the status quo with new formats and channels.

This infographic examines the power of content that incorporates the left and the right side of the brain, the artistic and the analytical. Check it out here, or embed the infographic on your blog by grabbing the code below.

the best content marketing merges art and science

Embed the full graphic on your own website or blog by copying the code below:

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