4 B2B Field Marketing Solutions to Make Working with Sales a Slam Dunk

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As a field marketer, it’s essential to build B2B field marketing solutions that set you up for success with customers. It’s equally important to create solutions that enhance your relationship with the internal sales team.

There are lots of little ways to improve communication and collaboration and enhance performance as a cohesive sales team. The key is to start with simple, common-sense pain points and solve them, just like you would for a customer.

Effective B2B marketing solutions are about understanding each aspect of sales while also meeting customer needs. Whether a person is on the road or holding down the fort in the office, it is possible to create an efficient “information highway” to work seamlessly as a team and make customers happy.

Make Working with the Sales Team a Slam Dunk

1. Create a Central Content Repository to Organize Materials Based on Clear Team Needs and Goals

There are many ways to organize content. The key is to create a system that makes sense to the people using it every day, regardless of whether they are in the office or on the road.

Start with a list of basic needs from the entire sales team, then shape content processes around those needs. Create the content repository in a central location on the cloud, or provide access through a VPN for mobile users so everyone can see the same information.

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It also helps to build a master list of content, as well as relevant filters, to make marketing content easy to find and organize in a way that makes sense for the whole team. A central content repository ensures that information on current marketing campaigns, sales specials, or new products is available to everyone, and that communication between team members can be tracked in one spot.

The overall rule of thumb for any content repository is to make the content accessible, relevant, and trackable.

2. Connect with Your “Tribe” in the Office to Build Camaraderie

Finding your “tribe” is as relevant at work as it is on social media. As a field marketer, building key relationships within the sales team can be the difference between spinning your wheels and landing a client. In addition, members on the internal sales team can offer unique perspectives, connect you to the best resources, and offer insight on strategies to help shape your next event.

3. Offer the “Field Marketer Perspective” to Craft Buyer Personas

Buyer personas are key to filling the sales pipeline with the right type of customers, so offer your perspective and experience. Your input can be used to help shape marketing campaigns, events, and social media strategies that hit essential pain points for the different types of clients you encounter in the field.

4. Build a “Share Loop” of Relevant Information

One of the most effective B2B field marketing solutions starts with simple, effective sharing.

Create a document in a centralized location to provide notes from the road that are easy for anyone to access. Telling the sales team about wins and clients provides information that can easily be turned into customer reviews, social media content, or case studies.

One of the most effective B2B field marketing solutions starts with simple, effective sharing

Field marketers can also offer consistent updates on the success rate of events, key marketing pieces that convert, and any new client requests—all essential ways to help a business keep pace with customer needs.

Is everyone on the sales team using the same tech tools? Or do folks in the office have a different way of working than folks in the field? Simplify work processes and reduce tools by using one platform or system that works for everyone on the sales team. Not only will it ease communication; it will also save time and eliminate dealing with the logistical headache of getting different platforms to talk to each other.

When you build go-to B2B field marketing solutions that create a seamless workflow between you and the internal sales team, you navigate hiccups more easily, streamline your workflow, and improve team communication in simple, repeatable ways. You get a lot more sales, too.

What are some B2B field marketing tips that work for your team?

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