B2B Marketing Number of the Week: 11

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How much do we need to know about our leads?

Increasingly, the answer is simply more. In B2B marketing it’s almost old hat to say we now need to do more than generate leads, we need to qualify them. Quality is as important as quantity. So it’s little wonder that the number of fields on the average lead capture landing page is 11, according to Formstack.

The type of form you use directly impacts the number of fields it's safe to include

The more we know about our leads, the better we can serve them, qualify them, and seamlessly pass to sales. And, of course, asking questions is the best way to get answers.

But there’s a delicate balance between coming off as inquisitive and annoying. Since landing pages are where these questions get asked, naturally they’re considered irksome by buyers. That’s why the average conversion rate for these forms is around 17%.

We all need to learn more about our leads. But that’s why content development needs to be phased out so you can consistently and routinely engage buyers within a cycle, asking a few questions at first and learning more as you distribute more of the content they value. It’s a value exchange: Buyer gives you data, you give valuable insights and stories. If your asking for a lot of data right at the top, you might be choking off the conversation.

Landing pages are often the first impressions you’ll make with a buyer. You want to come as charming, not demanding. That’s the real secret of demand generation. So ask for what you need now, and continue to ask questions as they progress through their journey.

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