6 Examples of Perfect B2B Video Marketing

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Thanks to the growth of platforms like YouTube, Vine, and Vimeo, video is becoming an increasingly effective marketing channel. With 90% of online customers finding videos helpful during the decision-making process, their importance even extends as far as sales qualification and conversion.

To help you pin down your strategy, I’ve looked at 6 examples of perfect B2B video marketing. These businesses have mastered the art and created unique videos that showcase their brand’s value, personality, and sometimes, awesome sense of humor!

6 examples of perfect B2B video

1. HubSpot

SaaS marketing platform HubSpot excels at multi-format video marketing, with a YouTube channel chock-full of actionable guides, case studies, weekly podcasts, and customer testimonials. Their content creation process is designed to mirror their sales funnel, with content ranging from 30-second how-to videos to 30-minute case studies. In a move most B2B brands could learn from, HubSpot doesn’t shy away from super-niche content, choosing to create videos that drive conversions rather than views.

My favorite video: Global Plastic Sheeting: HubSpot Customer Success Story

2. VeriSign

VeriSign went high-risk on their video marketing strategy, choosing to develop an entire marketing campaign under the assumed pseudonym Liberty Fillmore. The company created a series of videos, social media profiles, and a (sadly now defunct) microsite focusing on the eponymous hero—and his career as a “cart whisperer.” Liberty’s astounding ability to communicate with abandoned shopping carts served to subtly promote VeriSign’s ecommerce expertise—and over 4 million views later, the campaign can be considered a very definite success.

My favorite video: Shopping Cart Trailer

3. Cisco

With a back-catalogue in excess of three thousand videos, and a production rate of a thousand videos per year, Cisco has invested big into video marketing. Whilst there are only a handful of B2B businesses with Cisco-level resources, all businesses can learn a lesson from their approach—using video marketing to create an invaluable archive of problem-solving, sales funnel-targeted content.

They’ve also spent insane amounts of time and resources improving their strategy; and if you’re looking for an actionable takeaway, Cisco’s research has revealed that the sweet spot for B2B video length is 60 to 90 seconds.

My favorite video: Networking 101

4. Intel

Storytelling lies at the heart of Intel’s video marketing ethos: an impressive feat for a company that specializes in manufacturing computer chips. They’re another tech giant with a stunning repertoire of video content, but unlike other B2B businesses, they haven’t focused their efforts on tutorials and guides, instead choosing to showcase the lives and stories of the brand’s diverse customer base. Their YouTube channel shows the brand’s involvement in everything from wildlife photography to amateur rocketry. As a massive plus, they also have a ton of videos with The Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons!

My favorite video: Look Inside.™: Intel® Tablets with Paul Souders

5. SAP

SAP’s YouTube channel does a fantastic job of positioning the massive multi-national as a valuable ally in the fight to make your business succeed. They’ve targeted their audience on an emotive level, drilled-down to the core problems at the heart of every business, and offered their help. SAP’s super-personalized approach to video marketing is evident throughout their channel, with all of their content organized by individual buyer persona. This makes it quick and easy for each of the brand’s personas to navigate straight to relevant content, and engage with advice that’s pitched at them in just the right tone of voice.

My favorite video: A New Way to Run Business

6. Taulia

Touting cloud-based payment, invoicing, and ‘discount management solutions’ for enterprise businesses, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Taulia would have a dry, dull, and downright stuffy approach to video marketing. Whilst their YouTube channel has all the standard whiteboard videos and customer testimonials you might expect, the brand also manages to demonstrate a playful bit of brand image—with a parody video that features the immortal line ‘Don’t wind up homeless on the streets: let Taulia automate your early payment discounts.’ It isn’t 30 seconds of sheer slapstick, but it does manage to tackle real B2B problems with a genuine and audience-relevant sense of humor.

My favorite video: Early Payment Discounts


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