What Beer and Content Have in Common [Infographic]

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Imagine you’re sipping your favorite beer.

Perhaps it’s crisp and refreshing—just right for this time of year. Or maybe it’s hoppy and intense—something that surprises your senses.

What Beer and Content Have in Common [Infographic]

Now, think of the brewer who crafted that product. Think of how thrilled they’d be if they knew that the words “favorite beer” conjured their creation.

That, after all, is the goal: to deliver a unique product that hits the spot every time, creates positive and memorable experiences, and comes to mind when people want to kick back and enjoy.

We all want to create something that people love. And as marketers, our product is content.

When your blog post, eBook, infographic, webinar, or email campaign hits the spot, when people find value in the information shared, and when lead and revenue numbers prove it makes a difference to your business—well, it feels as good as a cold beer on a hot summer day.

So let’s hop to it, content marketers!

Check out the infographic below, co-created by Kapost and the good folks at Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud. The goal: to help you brew the best content for both your buyers and your business.

What Beer and Content Have in Common

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