How to Build a Best-in-Class Content Operation

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In the B2B marketing world, content matters. A lot.

Customers increasingly direct their own journeys, consuming huge amounts of information from and about your company before ever picking up the phone to talk to a sales rep. And to contend with this power shift, many marketers find themselves throwing money at an array of flashy tools and churning out content as fast as their teams can type.

And while this may feel like it’s working, at least for a bit, it soon becomes apparent that the result of this strategy isn’t a seamless customer journey. It’s chaos. 

Winning today’s wild world of content isn’t about working harder—it’s about ushering in a new approach that enables your teams to work smarter.

An outstanding content operation isn’t built in a day, but once you lay the groundwork, your team will be able to make a lot less content matter a whole lot more.

Because we know it’s easier said than done, we’re hosting a webinar on Thursday, April 19 (10 a.m. PT/1 p.m. ET) that will break down the five steps you need to take to make this new model a reality for your team.

In it, we’ll cover how to:

  1. Know your content
  2. Build a taxonomy
  3. Repurpose with pillars
  4. Activate internal channels
  5. Govern your content

We hope you can join us!

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