How to Build Successful Sales Funnels

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No matter what type of business you run, you need an effective sales funnel. With such a funnel, you can strategize and devise better ways to guide your customers through their purchase journey right from the attraction stage.

See how to set up a successful sales funnel for your business:

Understand the Needs and Wants of Your Audience

A successful sales funnel begins with a proper understanding of your audience. You need to conduct thorough research on your target customers, that is, the people who are most likely to be interested in your product or find your product useful. These people are your buyer personas.

Once you’ve identified your buyer personas, dig deeper to understand them even better. Find out what their interests are and what their dislikes might be. Find out which social media platforms they’re most likely to use so you’ll know where to reach them. All these insights should give you a good idea of how to present your product in a way that resonates with them.

Use Audience Insights to Device Attraction and Engagement Strategies

Developing accurate buyer personas allows you to properly plan each stage of your sales funnel.

Understanding where your audience is and what would motivate them to purchase your product helps you understand where and how to appeal to them. If you discover that your audience is most likely to spend lots of time on Facebook, for instance, plan a social media advertising campaign. And display products or content most likely to attract them based on the information you’ve collected.

There are many ways to attract your target audience. Based on what you’ve learned about them, you can choose options such as:

  • Guest posting to relevant publications or blogs
  • PPC campaigns to target relevant searchers
  • Influencer marketing campaigns to reach a niche audience
  • Optimizing your site content for search engines to target relevant searchers

These are some of the most popular methods of attracting your audience. And if you want to find out ways to engage them and eventually convert them to paying customers, check out the gifographic guide to building sales funnels below:

An infographic to build the ultimate sales funnel

Image Source: Shane Barker

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