Why Your Blog Needs a Call to Action Flowchart [Free Template]

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Someday, someone will write a book called “Everybody Blogs.” If the stats are any indication, it will be dedicated to the Fortune 500.

But despite the popularity of corporate blogging far too many organizations burn out quickly, leaving deserted digital outposts that are eyesores on a website. This happens for a variety of reasons—a lack of resources, stretched bandwidth, halting collaboration on ideas…

Here’s another reason businesses give up on a blog: It just doesn’t convert

Don’t blame it on the platform. Well-written, customer-centric blogs are as powerful as ever for communicating with potential buyers and current clients alike.

Often, when blogs fail to turn traffic into actual leads it’s because we fail to consistently include related calls to action (CTAs) on every post. It’s not that we’re lazy (well, maybe a little bit). But simply because we’re not sure what relevant, valuable assets to drive readers to.

When blogs fail to turn traffic into actual leads it’s because we fail to consistently include related calls to action

Our blog serves as our content hub so we think about this issue a lot. We want to include a CTA whenever possible, but only if it relates to the content presented in the actual post. But remembering which assets we can point readers to is a chore.

So content team member, Jean Spencer, created a Call to Action Flowchart Template. Here’s how it works.

Every quarter we create a series of content pillars, the majority of which are behind a form. These are the campaigns we use to build our Call to Action Flowchart. We also have several ongoing themes, each of which aligns with high-value content we’ve previously produced. By listing out these campaigns and themes, we can also list out all the conversion points that relate back—establishing organic conversion points for nearly every blog post.

We’ve found this practice such a handy reference that we decided to share it with the world. Click below to get your own template, and fill it out so you never miss an opportunity to turn blog traffic into leads. (We won’t even make you fill out a form!)

call to action flowchart for converting visitors to leads

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