#CMWorld 2015: Keynotes in a Nutshell

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Content Marketing World (2015 edition) has been a trip indeed. Cleveland has been kind to us, and the workshops have been compelling as ever.

We’ve seen some smashing keynotes from the likes of Jay Baer, David Beebes, and Monty Python’s own, John Cleese. We know that not all of the marketers in content land made it to Cleveland, so in case you missed it, here are the #CMWorld keynote highlights so far.

First, the Masses Arrived in Rare Form


Key Takeaway: Don’t touch the tasty table snacks until the caterers tell you it’s ready—or else you’ll get wrist slapped (literally).


David Beebe on Adding Value, Knowing Your Audience, and Hot Tamales

David Beebe, Vice President of Global Creative and Content Marketing of Marriott International, Inc, spoke on knowing your audience and delivering value through content. He emphasized that as marketers, we need to remember not to talk only about our company and its offerings. Instead, we must deliver information that improves their lives. By providing compelling, information-rich content to your audience, you establish credibility among your target audience and a trusted voice in your industry.

Key Takeaway: If your diner can’t sell root beer floats in winter, learn to make hot tamales!


Jay Baer Wants to Know, Does Your Content Pass the Mom Test?

Jay Baer is all about bringing PASSION into content marketing. He shared with the audience that if you don’t LOVE producing valuable content that will actually improve people’s lives, then you are in the wrong career.

Jay says that generally speaking, moms can see through our facades, and get straight to the heart of the matter. Basically, they can tell if you’re faking it, and aren’t afraid to call it out—and so can your audience. Be real, be personal, and add value. Jay is a wizard at simplifying the mystifying.

Key Takeaway: Jay Baer’s mom is one brutally honest mother.


John Cleese Spoke Creatively on Creativity (#meta)

Using university research as the backbone of his presentation, John Cleese explains the difference between our rational, quick-decision hare brain, and our thoughtful, meditative tortoise mind. Cleese posited that creativity is stymied, if sometimes non-existent, in our hare brains. Unfortunately, most of our working lives are spent in this state of mind, as we respond to tweet and emails, and are inundated with ads and videos that demand our attention. He shared insights on how to create and frequent your “tortoise enclosure,” and is a big advocate for sitting and staring into space, letting your unconscious mind wander and play, leading to creative ideas and solutions to issues you never knew you had.

Key Takeaway: Unconscious meditation fuels creativity–say no more!


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