How Commvault Conquered Content ROI [Video]

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How does your content strategy map to revenue? Do you know the ROI of the content you create?

For most marketers, the answer is no.

The future of marketing is driven by metrics—and the most important metric is revenue. Measuring ROI is key. Without ROI, even high-performing teams risk losing out on people and budget. More importantly, ROI builds confidence in overall efficacy. That’s probably why 72% of marketers measuring ROI have confidence in their marketing strategy, as opposed to only 49% of teams who don’t calculate ROI.

ROI does two key things for marketing teams:

  1. Provides valuable insight into the types of marketing strategies that work to drive future strategy
  2. Displays the power and success of all your hard work, proving to leadership and internal teams that your department matters.

Without measuring ROI, your team is working in the dark. With it, your team becomes a powerhouse. Don’t believe me? Just ask Commvault, winners of SiriusDecision’s 2016 ROI award for content strategy. “We put together a strategy that turned content marketing into a core piece of our digital marketing program.”

The team at Commvault traded spreadsheets and ad hoc documents for Kapost. From mapping how content aligned with the buyer’s journey—and where gaps existed—to a centralized source of truth for all digital content, Commvault was able to target their customer’s in a sophisticated, revenue-driven manner.

Watch the video below to hear the full story.

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