Making It Count: A Guide to Content Marketing Analytics

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If you’re investing in content marketing, but you don’t know whether or not it’s actually making an impact on your business…

You’re not alone.

Only 27% of marketers say they are effectively tracking content. And almost every marketer is struggling to prove the value of that content.

How can you do it? Simple: content marketing analytics.

Analytics are vital to the success of content marketing strategies. They link your content efforts and investments to quantifiable results such as lead and revenue generation. They demystify impact and value.

Why Does It Matter?

If a singular blog post generated 100 sales but you can’t track it’s influence, did it really drive those sales? Who in your organization will take credit for delivering those customers, if it’s not the marketers behind the top of the funnel? (Author’s note: We’re not saying sales teams, other content assets, CEOs, etc. don’t deserve credit for closed deals. They do. This is just an illustration, and…) Your content efforts deserve quantifiable data and analytics to prove their effectiveness, too.

The amount of web traffic, leads, and revenue are the modern performance measurements for the revenue marketer. As a marketer, understanding which metrics to track, and how to track them, and what those metrics mean, matters for your job.

What You’re In For

Our upcoming webinar “Making it Count: A Guide to Content Marketing Analytics,” breaks down the important content analytics metrics.

It’ll be quick and to the point, explaining the various data points to measure in order to reveal the impact of content on your business. This includes how content is produced, the kind of engagement it’s driving, and how it delivers leads and deals.

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • The metrics you need to track your content production
  • What to measure when calculating top-level performance and engagement
  • An introduction to the concept of content scoring and a new way to calculate how individual content is producing leads, opportunities, and deals
  • The tools you need to investigate to accurately track and analyze your content’s performance

Don’t fall behind in modern techniques. It’s up to the individual marketers to stay informed and up-to-date with best practices in the ever-shifting digital marketing ecosystem.

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