Content Marketing Templates to Execute on Content Creation

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Team Kapost

Confession: I’m sitting here, staring at a blank screen with that fateful blinking cursor, thinking to myself: what am I going to write?

For myself (and every other writer I’ve talked to), this is a multiple-times-per-day occurrence. Making something from nothing is sometimes inspirational and sometimes more of a drag, but it always takes a lot of energy.

Don’t make it harder than it has to be—starting from scratch shouldn’t be your writing process every time you create a new asset. That’s where these content creation templates come in.

Marketing Templates for Creating Content

This bundle of Content Marketing Templates is meant to serve as a jumping off point for your next asset. With the design-approved formatting and imagery, you’ll be able to fast track content from ideation to production to distribution without bogging down design.

Each template is an editable Word or Powerpoint document to ensure it’s truly editable. We’ve included tips and tricks to make your content more impactful.

Want a sneak preview of one of the templates? Check out this excerpt from the blog template:


[Insert Title Here] Blog Writing 101

Welcome to the only blog template you’ll ever need. This blog will serve as both a template and example, so pay attention to not only formatting but the content itself.

In your introduction, set the tone for your blog—it’s likely going to be pretty casual, but there’s still quite a range within informality. Think humorous, educational, questioning, sarcastic, inspirational, and so on. It’s okay to mix and match, but don’t overdo it, or your reader will be confused.

Immediately tell your audience what the value of the blog is (note that’s what I led with).

Make your audience feel that you know them. You understand their pain points, and you’re here to help.Now that your topic is introduced, transition to the meat of your topic.

A Headline That Dives Deeper into Your Topic

Now that you’ve got your audience’s attention, it’s time to deliver the value you promised. Don’t dilly dally in getting into the topic. Since I’m covering blogs, let’s talk about some of the foundations. Here are five basics to pay special attention to:

1. Format (Or a Header to Break Down Your Topic Further)

There are a couple different formats your blog can take from here—see if you can spot which one I chose.

  • The How-To Post shows the reader how to do something valuable
  • The List Post compiles a list of steps, tactics, or examples on a specific theme or topic
  • The Newsjacking Post capitalizes on breaking industry news
  • The Curated Post compiles exemplary pieces of content
  • The Thought Leadership Post covers ground-breaking, original, and/or insightful information

Obviously, I’ve templated this post to be a list. To tweak it to any of the other posts, you really just have to adjust subheaders within the body section (everything between the intro and conclusion). If you’d like more direction, Hubspot gives examples for each type of blog post.

2. Titles and Subheaders

Most people are only going to read your title, unless it’s compelling enough to drive them to click, read, scroll, etc.

With that in mind, it better be the best part of your blog. That means you should come up with at least 5-10 ideas.

Further break up your blog with subheaders that are short, snappy, and get the point across. Often, readers will scroll to see which sections they’ll even spend time on just based on the subheaders.


Get Your Content Marketing Templates Bundle

That’s just a small part of one template. The complete set comes with templates for:

  • eBooks
  • Blogs
  • Webinar slide decks
  • Benchmarks
  • Campaign briefs
  • White papers

Each is a crucial part of your content operation—so let’s get moving. Download the full set of templates here.

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