The Top 7 Content Marketing Struggles…And How to Tackle Them

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Upland Admin

Siloed teams, mismanaged editorial calendars, chaotic approval processes—these are just a few of the reasons marketers consider the creation and distribution of content a nightmare. 

But in fact, these challenges are symptoms of a larger dilemma: inefficient—or a complete lack of—content marketing workflows.

To see real results, marketers need to do a lot more than invest in creating content. You need to invest in the processes surrounding it. Without established and fine-tuned workflows, you’re doomed to repeat the same inefficiencies again and again.

Yet poor processes still hinder many marketing organizations. Why? Because content workflows aren’t just about managing content, they’re about managing people and implementing change—something that even the greatest minds in business agonize over.

Our newest eBook has stellar workflow tips (download it here). But first, let’s review the 7 top content marketing workflow struggles and how to tackle them:

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