Create Stronger Influencer Campaigns Using Kapost’s Beta Influencer Management

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Upland Admin

Engaging influencers as part of the pillar content creation process is a best practice content marketers often preach.  However, finding the right influencers to engage and establishing a relationship with those influencers is easer said then done.  This is why I’m excited to announce the beta release of Kapost’s Influencer Management module.

Using Kapost’s Influencer Management module, marketers can identify the top influencers for a given topic, engage those influencers during the content creation process, and then ultimately promote content through those same influencers.  Moreover, Kapost makes it easy for marketers to measure the performance of their influencer marketing campaigns by showing them which influencers are driving the most amount of traffic to their content.

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If you’re interested in joining the beta program to take advantage of this new feature, please comment here or contact your Client Success Manager.  Otherwise, look forward to the official release in a few months.

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