5 Things Every Enterprise Marketer Needs to Know about Content Marketing

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content marketing for enterprise marketers

Enterprise marketers won’t be competitive—against rival organizations or against rival job applicants—without a solid understanding of content marketing.

These days, many of us are revenue marketers. We’re tied to (and measured on) lead, opportunity, and revenue numbers, just like our sales counterparts. It doesn’t matter how much engagement we drive. If we’re not driving business, we’re failing.

But do you really understand how your content supports your business objectives? Or how to incorporate content into your marketing strategy? If not, it’s time to figure it out—for the sake of your business and your career.

Companies like yours are investing more budget in content than ever before—45% are hiring content marketing professionals in the next year. If you don’t know how content fits into your marketing strategy, how will you be able to support these new roles?

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In the meantime, here are five things each and every enterprise marketer—regardless of title—should understand about content marketing.

What Makes Content Compelling

If content is going to be important to your marketing strategy, you need to know how to create good content. Otherwise, your organization will simply add to the chaos. Compelling content stands out from the crap. It tells a story. It attracts your target audience and, most importantly, it compels them to take action.

Which Analytics Are Actually Useful

Figuring out which metrics to track and why starts with understanding your marketing goals. Your content should always support specific business objectives. For the revenue marketer, it’s often to generate leads, opportunities, and sales. For the brand marketer, it might be increased engagement and influence. Regardless of your role, knowing which metrics to track is critical to evaluating whether your efforts are effective or falling short.

How to Build Influence

Quality content makes your organization an influential voice on topics that matter to your target audience. But without influence, your content, no matter how brilliant, won’t be consumed and therefore won’t impact your business. This is where influencer marketing comes in. By reaching out to well-known people in your space and asking them to contribute to or promote your content, you’ll gain traction and authority more quickly (and with the right people).

Why Globalization Requires Process

60% of global marketers have no strategy for multilingual content marketing. Without established processes for content localization and translation, efforts are duplicated across teams and the timely delivery of content is near impossible. Every global marketer needs to understand how to streamline these complicated processes—across borders and timezones.

When to Repurpose Content

You should be getting the most out of every single piece of content you create. For example, did you know that a single eBook can be turned into at least 269 content assets and fill your blog editorial calendar for a month? By coming up with a plan for your content campaigns, you’ll be able to leverage your assets for the maximum impact on your audience and your business’ bottom line.

Understand these five areas of content marketing to stay ahead as an enterprise marketer. It’s a lot better than trying to catch up.

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