How to Build Video Into Your Content Marketing Strategy

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Storytelling takes multiple shapes and forms. So why are so many marketers still equating content marketing with writing?

Sure, writing is important—it’s the bread and butter for how we communicate online. It’s the reason we rely so heavily on email to communicate with friends, family, and colleagues. It’s never going to go away.

But sometimes, stories have multiple dimensions that even the best writing can’t capture. That’s why content marketers need to start prioritizing alternative communication mediums.

Here’s where to focus when building video into your content marketing strategy:

1. Quality Over Quantity

Video is expensive—that’s a fact. But it doesn’t have to break the bank. Instead of pumping out content, prioritize a few key stories and repurpose them across different channels.

One example to follow is Dollar Shave Club. When the monthly razor subscription service launched in 2011, the founding team decided to produce a hilarious video, which ended up going viral. Ever since, the company has repurposed this content across multiple marketing channels, including television ads on ESPN. As they grew, Dollar Shave Club continued repurposing its content across higher distribution channels.

Video content has the potential to be an evergreen anchor. Don’t let the price tag scare you, especially if you have a solid, timeless distribution plan.

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2. The Right Details

Audiences care about authenticity, not production value. Before making sure you have the perfect camera equipment, color touch-ups, and sound effects, ask yourself if your audience really cares about that level of detail.

If you tell a story that’s powerful and focus on making the most out of the “right” attributes, you might be able to produce high-quality video with at-home equipment.

Focus on what’s right, not what’s perfect.

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3. Find Micro-Moments

Why limit your video content marketing strategy to in-depth storytelling and educational content? Attention spans are getting shorter anyway, so why not focus on bite-size snippets that you can promote on Instagram and Twitter, where the shelf life is relatively short?

The key to making the most out of micro-content is to focus on moments that make a strong impact. Keep in mind that this medium is extremely new, which means that there are no best practices or rules to follow.

Get started by exploring, testing out ideas, and studying what your audiences are already consuming. Put yourself in your audience’s shoes to explore this new channel.

Content marketers have a challenging enough time securing budget and convincing the C-suite to invest in their initiatives. Video adds a completely new layer of complexity, and, as with any marketing, it’s difficult to “prove” the value upfront. Focus on taking small steps, and make improvements as your strategy evolves. Examine the data to see if what you’re doing is working, and if not, iterate and evolve.

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