Kapost Customer Awards: Meet Innovative Marketing Teams Across the Globe

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A win for one marketer is a win for all.

Why, you might ask? Because there’s always something to learn from successful marketing teams.

And there’s a lot to learn from looking back at the marketing wins of the last year. So we want to acknowledge some achievements that can’t be ignored.

As part of Kapost tradition, we’ve selected 16 outstanding content operations to highlight. The accomplishments are widespread, but one thing is true for all: they use our tool to do incredible work we never anticipated. We’ve seen marketing and sales work together to save over 15 hours per week, project leads expertly manage over 8,000 assets, and 45% of marketers remove unnecessary internal emails with standardized workflows. We’ve also hand-selected a few content operations to watch in 2018 that you can’t miss.

Read the success stories.

It’s Time to Celebrate

It is an honor to work with companies that did not just trudge along this past year—they led the way in content operations. A best-in-class content operation requires more than content creation. It requires knowing how to get the right content to the right person at the right time.

Is that something your team does? Give each other high fives as you celebrate your accomplishments. Think about the growth you had last year as you move forward in the new one. And remember how much you can learn from the stories of award-winning content operations.

Leading the Way in Content Operations

Using Kapost, the winners work smarter in the constantly evolving world that B2B marketers have to navigate. They have visibility into the content that’s in-process and completed. Empowered by cross-team alignment, teams can work together to enable a killer customer experience.

Integrated campaign strategies ensure that no content is wasted. In fact, it’s repurposed so that less becomes more. Not only that, but sales and marketing teams align while the content that marketing creates goes directly to the sales team to reach the right customer.

We can’t wait to see what these world-class content operations achieve in 2018!

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