Nominations Open! The 2015 Kapost 50

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“We learn by example and by direct experience because there are real limits to the adequacy of verbal instruction.”—Malcolm Gladwell, Blink

What Is the Kapost 50?

Since 2012, the Kapost 50 has highlighted the top companies in content marketing, the brand pioneers creating visual, action-spurring content that engages buyers with cutting-edge marketing tactics. By providing examples of successful and innovative marketing, Kapost sought to inspire B2B marketers to build creative, revenue-driving content for their own organizations, and use these examples to spark experience.

It started with content marketing, with a focus on the best examples of top-of-funnel content from across the Web.

This is what the Kapost 50 looked like in 2012, 2013, and 2014.

Now, after providing the best examples of content marketing for the past three years, we’re digging deeper into the strategic content B2B marketers create to support the entire customer lifecycle—from awareness to closed deal to customer renewal.

These are the marketing strategies you might not see unless you’ve downloaded an eBook, been placed in a persona-driven nurture track, entered the sales cycle, or interacted with account managers.

This is the marketing content supporting every function of the organization, including digital marketing, field marketing, product marketing, corporate, demand generation, and customer marketing. The fact is, content sits at the center of marketing, at every stage of the customer journey. And we’re here to capture the incredible, innovative marketing campaigns that drive—and sustain—B2B companies.

And we want to hear your story!

For the first time, we’re opening the Kapost 50 to nominations. Just fill out this form to share how your marketing team has created rock-star campaigns and content in 2015. From a successful product launch to improving efficiencies within your department, we want to hear about your triumphs!

Nominations close on November 13. Nominate your company—or a company you respect—today.

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