Kapost and Traackr partner to help marketers create stronger influencer marketing campaigns

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Engaging influencers as part of the pillar content creation process is a best practice content marketers often preach. A good reference from the right influencer can be key in getting your content noticed by your audience, and connecting with influencers can be crucial ensuring your content efforts are successful. However, finding the right influencers and then establishing a relationship with them is easer said then done. This is why I’m excited to announce our integration with Traackr, a solution that enables marketers to discover, monitor and measure online influencers and the content they produce.

Using Traackr and Kapost’s Influencer Management module, marketers can identify the top influencers for a given topic, engage with those influencers during the content creation process, and then ultimately promote content through those same influencers. Moreover, Kapost makes it easy for marketers to measure the performance of their influencer marketing campaigns by showing them which influencers are driving the most amount of traffic to their content.




By using Kapost and Traackr together, marketers can combine the content workflow and measurement power of Kapost with the influencer monitoring and scoring power of Traackr. With these tools, marketers have a new powerful way to get their content in the hands of the people who matter most in influencing their audience.

For more information, current Kapost customers can contact their Client Success Managers and future Kapost customers can contact us <a href=”http://kapostv1.wpengine.com/contact” target=”_blank”>here</a>.

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