Kapost integrates with HootSuite to strengthen the relationship between Content and Social Media marketing teams.

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Organizations with dedicated content and social media marketing teams all face similar challenges. When all is well, the content team produces a ton of great content and the social media team does an excellent job of promoting it. Unfortunately, all too often the two teams fall out of sync with each other.

For example, the social media team will lose track of what content is ready to promote or what content has already been promoted. Alternatively, the social media team may uncover some great content ideas by listening to the conversations taking place in the social world. But when the they share those ideas with content team, their emails get lost and they’re left wondering why the content team isn’t producing anything to help them with their social conversations. Of course, even when the content team has created all the right content, the social media team may not know how or where to find it.

We all know the culprit: using manual and error prone processes that involve emails and spreadsheets to communicate. Imagine how much more powerful social media outreach could be if the social media team was equipped with the most up to date and relevant content.

That’s why we are super excited to announce our integration with HootSuite, a social relationship platform for businesses and organizations to collaboratively execute campaigns across social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ Pages. Our integrated solution of solves all of the challenges organizations with dedicated content and social media teams face in an automated and streamlined way.

Connecting Content With Social

The Kapost HootSuite integration allows Kapost users to automatically notify HootSuite users when content is ready to promote. No more emails and no more spreadsheets. The available content will seamlessly appear in the Kapost Promotions stream within HootSuite.  The social media team can simply monitor that stream, identify new promotion requests, and take action accordingly. Think of it as a social media team to do list for content promotion.


Submitting Ideas to Kapost from HootSuite

Our integration also allows HootSuite users to easily convert tweets, Facebook posts, or any conversation they are tracking into a Kapost idea. These ideas from the social team will flow right into Kapost and automatically become part of the content team’s idea vetting process. No more worrying whether those great content ideas from social media are falling into the abyss.


Kapost Content Catalog Stream

The Kapost Content Catalog stream automatically pulls into HootSuite all published content from your Kapost instance. HootSuite users can then filter for the content most relevant to a conversation they are having with a prospect and easily share that content with that prospect directly from HootSuite.


This new integration is now available for any Kapost customer using our Standard, Pro, or Enterprise packages as well as a HootSuite Enterprise plan. Want to learn more? Click here to get started today, and if you have any questions about this integration or anything else Kapost related, feel free to comment here or email us at support at kapost dot com

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