[Customer Spotlight] LinkedIn’s Jason Miller Presents at SiriusDecisions in a Kapost Case Study Session. Here’s What You Missed.

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Jason Miller, in charge of leading Global Content Marketing for LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, is one of the foremost experts in content marketing. Among other accolades, Miller is recognized as:

  • One of “The World’s Top 40 Social Marketing Talent,” by Forbes
  • One of the “Top 40 Digital Marketing Strategists for 2014,” by Online Marketing Institute
  • And he’s the author of the Amazon #1 best selling book Welcome to the Funnel

In short, Miller is as distinguished as they come.

In recent session at SiriusDecisions Summit 2015, Miller described how Kapost is at the center of LinkedIn’s content engine.

Kapost is where LinkedIn’s content is “launched, measured, optimized, and scaled,” Miller said.

Since launching Kapost this year, all three LinkedIn business units—including Talent Solutions, Marketing Solutions, and Sales Solutions—are up and running with Kapost as their content engine. Together the three teams have produced 23 multi-channel campaigns built from 29 content types.

Strategically, LinkedIn focuses is on created “big rock” content assets (what we call “content pillars”) that both “own conversations” in the competitive space, and also fuel multi-channel, multi-distribution campaigns via derivative assets and promotions.

For example, Miller described the results of one recent “big rock” asset, which contained a cornucopia of derivative content, as:

  • Creating a “rolling thunder” approach using their blog, Showcase Page, and Sponsored Updates
  • Fueling demand generation campaigns with relevant, strategic content
  • Being a major driver of marketing qualified leads, even more than a year later

And that was just one campaign. Scaling this process, however, can be cumbersome and time-consuming without a technology to support the people.

“We couldn’t do this without some sort of platform to organize everything we did,” Miller said.

Kapost is the platform that keeps LinkedIn’s campaigns organized, analytics measured, and content scaleable.

“We now have all our assets nice and organized. Everyone on our team has access to one central location. We can easily pass along feedback, where the asset is. And we have a central editorial calendar.”

Apart from production efficiencies, LinkedIn also uses Kapost’s analytics dashboard to assess what’s working and what’s not. Sophisticated multi-source metrics (including attribution modeling, called Content Scoring, and performance metrics) give LinkedIn data-backed content insights that inform the optimization of content for future campaigns and stronger ROI.

“The metrics in Kapost cuts our [content analysis] time in half,” Miller said. “It’s incredibly powerful.”

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