Why Marketing Automation Is Incomplete without Social Media

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Let’s talk about one of the biggest buzzwords in marketing: automation. Some marketers swear by it, while others avoid it, sticking with what they know.

As it turns out, B2B, in particular, embraces automation. In 2017, an average of 49% of organizations use marketing automation. When you look at only B2B companies, that percentage jumps to 55%. Continue to pave the way, fellow B2B marketers!

With Kapost’s content operations software, marketing automation is invaluable for consistently producing targeted, high-quality content. It gives organizations that use Kapost the ability to gather more accurate and valuable information about leads.

If you haven’t jumped on the marketing automation boat yet, here’s why you should:

  • Score leads: It’s no secret that more information about leads allows you to be more intentional about how you target content. Marketing automation streamlines how you gather data, so you can make more accurate assessments to close more deals.
  • Nurture leads: Your leads want their needs to be addressed personally, and it’s your job to make sure that happens. But you don’t need to personalize each email or sit on your phone tweeting every 45 minutes. Automation gives the impression that you’re speaking directly to individual leads when you’re really addressing upwards of thousands.
  • Attribute leads: In case you haven’t noticed, we at Kapost are content nerds. We love to see what piece(s) of content drove a lead to become an MQL. When you accurately attribute leads with marketing automation, you to know what works, so, you can produce more compelling content.

Marketers typically get lead data from their CRM and website analytics. But there’s something missing from the typical marketing automation plans…

Social Media’s Rightful Place in Marketing Automation

Many marketers are unsure of the role social media plays in the buyer’s process, so they neglect it.

That’s a huge mistake.

More than half of your B2B leads visit social media to find out more information about an organization. Not to mention, buyers are usually 57% of the way to a buying decision before they even engage with your sales team. With so much indirect messaging before communication, you need to make every interaction count, especially on social.

We monitor our web content in every possible way: time on page, clicks, conversions, engagement. Yet when it comes to social media, our posts are often haphazard and sent into the interweb, never to be tracked again.

The additional layer of social media data enhances the way B2B marketers score, nurture, and attribute leads with marketing automation.

Oktopost recently made an awesome infographic explaining the importance of including social media in your marketing automation strategy.

See how your organization can benefit from incorporating social media into your overall automation:


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