9 Killer Marketing eBooks from the Year So Far

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I know you’re busy. You’d love to download that eBook and learn the latest info on the hottest trend in marketing, but you’ve got some actual marketing to do.

Don’t worry about keeping up. Now that you’ve got a moment to take a breather, we’ve got the best 9 marketing eBooks of the year so far. Taken together, they’ll help you come back to the office with fresh intel and new ideas.


1. The Digital Marketer vs. The Traditional CEO: How to Coexist and Grow Your Business

We all know the marketing landscape is changing. But that doesn’t mean you can simply throw out the old for the new—after all, much of the old is still effective. This concise eBook from Impact Branding & Design not only demonstrates the differences, but how traditionalists and their digital colleagues can work together.


2. Email Lookbook Spring/Summer 2014

We’re always trying to improve our email marketing. And there’s no shortage of articles, webinars, and other assets about improving your open rates and click-throughs. But, sometimes, you just want to see examples of what works.

Marketo takes care of that with this lookbook full of great examples to steal from.


3. The Complete Guide to Building Your Content Marketing Workflow

One of the toughest challenges marketers face when creating content marketing campaigns is building actual workflows for producing, approving, and distributing that content. Our eBook provides not only best practices for designing workflows, it contains a bunch of workflow templates you can use to get started.


4. The Smart Marketer’s Guide to Webinar Marketing

Let’s face it, webinars are critical to just about any B2B marketer’s strategy. But they’re time-consuming and not easy to pull off. Unbounce provides smart tips for doing webinars right in this comprehensive eBook.


5. 2014 State of Marketing

It’s time to catch up on the benchmarks for marketing. Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud provides an illustrative look at our industry by surveying more than 2,500 of our peers. It’s worth a scan.


6. A Week in the Life of a Successful Community Manager

Many of us work with community managers, but do we really know what they do? Do they tweet all day?

Digimind busts the myths and spreads some truth about this rising profession. You’ll feel empowered to have better conversations about community after you read this eBook.


7. The Complete Guide to Lead Nurturing

Maybe you work with marketing automation, maybe you don’t. But if you work in marketing, you better know a thing or two about lead nurturing.

The fantastic folks at Pardot provide an overview of this important practice that you can refer back to again and again.


8. The B2B Marketer’s Field Guide to Customer Engagement

The best advocates are happy customers. But turning those prize customers into cheering fans is no easy task. Luckily, Influitive has this full guide to walk B2B marketers through the process of growing customer engagement.


9. Recruit the Dream Team: The Content Marketing Hiring Handbook

“There should be an eBook just for hiring content marketers,” a fellow marketer recently told me. I happily replied that this eBook already exists.

The Content Marketing Hiring Handbook not only has best practices, but new data from a first-of-its-kind survey and job description templates to boot. Grab a copy and never be left scratching your head again.

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