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Each day we’re greeted with overwhelming amounts of news. Gone are the days when you learned everything you needed to know from your morning paper and the nightly news on the radio or television.

Try multiple radio and TV stations running round-the-clock news. Then of course, there’s the internet. And Twitter. And…you get the point.

It’s not just “real world” news either. Every industry has business-specific news to cover. The point is, there are a lot of places to get information and a lot of people claiming they have it. With so much to process in so many places, it’s easy to miss things or not have any idea of the greater relevance of “news.”

So we looked to influential voices in the marketing world to sort out what news items mattered most in 2014.

The infographic below contains just a sample of what these individuals considered to be noteworthy developments this year for marketers.

Top News by Top Marketers

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