New Integration: AdobeCQ CMS

1 minute read

Upland Admin

Adobe CQ is a robust Content Management System and we’re excited to announce that Kapost now connects with Adobe CQ so you can push over your content to your Adobe CQ site while using Kapost to build your workflow.

Similar to our other CMS integrations, we return a publish URL and give you analytics on your Adobe CQ published posts within Kapost.

Adobe CQ is one of the more precise and complex systems we integrate with. We encourage you to review our very detailed help article to learn more about the integration. If you’re interested in integrating, please contact your Customer Success Manager and they will facilitate a call to get the the first steps moving.

Please Note: This integration requires developer time and hours on the customers end, due to the nature of the integration and requirements on Adobe’s side.

You can learn about our other technology partners and integrations here.

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