How Content Can Transform Your Product Marketing Strategy

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Every marketer will tell you that content is a huge priority. It’s the single most important way to delight, engage, and educate customers.

Audiences want to learn as much as possible about your brand. What problems are you passionate about solving? What value does your product provide?

These are questions that product marketers are responsible for answering—which is why it’s important for you to be part of the content creation process. Here are three ways content can transform your product marketing strategy.

transform your product marketing strategy with content

1. Content Will Save You Time

Today’s customers are research-driven and hungry for personalized attention. The challenge, however, is that it’s impossible for sales, marketing, and support teams to maintain relationships with every single prospect and customer.

This is where content enters the picture.

By creating content that addresses frequently asked questions and solves common problems, product marketers will be able to create a system that strengthens audience relationships while freeing up time. Content is a power tool for helping audiences get to know and engage with your company.

2. Content Will Help You Learn

When writing a blog post, you can’t just wait for inspiration to strike. You need to be out in the trenches, actively sourcing ideas and people to interview.

When developing a piece of content, you’re not just broadcasting a message. What’s more important is that you learn about your audience and focus on the topics they care about.

Content creation—particularly through writing—is a powerful method for learning and listening. Through buyer-centric content, your company as a whole will become smarter. You can reinvest the insights you generate into your core product development strategy.

3. Content Will Help You Build External Relationships

Strong marketing programs are the polar opposite of self-contained. From PR to platform partnerships, product marketers know how important it is for companies to position themselves as part of an ecosystem.

Content is one of the most impactful ways to crack the door open on developing these relationships. Imagine that you want to get to know a marketing leader at a Fortune 500 company, for instance. You could offer to buy this person coffee, or offer to write about this person through a media channel where you might be contributing. At the end of the day, the PR opportunity will likely give the person you’re trying to meet a stronger ROI.

Content is the ultimate relationship-building tool because it allows you to give before you get something in return. Not to mention, anyone can be a writer—you don’t have to attend journalism school to tell an awesome story.

In the end, it all comes down to this: product marketing is built on people.

Content can help you scale your most valuable relationships and create an engaged audience. Not to mention, you’ll also share your team’s strengths with your community.

People want to do business with other people. Content is a way to show the world how much your people rock.

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