Quick Tour of Our Upcoming UI Refresh Part II: The Calendar

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This is Part 2 of our new user interface tour!  A few weeks ago, we gave you Part 1 and left off at the Content Catalog. Now, we are on to the Calendar.

The first feature we get to take a look at is calendar saved views, and how we control them.  To be clear, a ‘view’ is a description of the content tasks, and events that you see on your calendar at one time.  For instance, the relatively simple “Submit Content Deadline” view shows you your content filtered by the date on which your content is due to be submitted.

You will start with several default saved views – some of them are views that are automatically added to the calendar when you start using Kapost, such as the due dates for submission and publication – the Submit Content Deadline and Publish Content Deadline, respectively.  

Other default deadlines will have been set up for you according to your specifications when you set up Kapost with your Customer Success Manager. These saved views are new and allow for a lot of visibility and visualization of the content and deadlines you care about.

To choose a view, click on the drop down on the top left of the calendar and pick from the menu that appears.

To create your own view, click on the gear icon at the top right of the calendar.  

The first step is to select the Tasks and Milestones you want to appear on the calendar. These are all of the important dates you want display:

A Task is a date specified in your workflow, such as the “edit” or “submit content” task deadline.  You no longer have to specify in your Settings-> Content Types and Workflows menu which tasks you would like to be available as views on the calendar – all tasks are available to you. You can choose to see all tasks, just your tasks, or choose from a list of specific tasks.

A Milestone is an important date associated with your content, such as being created, submitted, published, or promoted.

Here, I have chosen to narrow down my view by the TASKS “Submit Content” and “Review Copy.”  This makes it so that I only see the due dates for these tasks on my calendar.

Now, I have added the “created” milestone – this shows me content on the day that it was created.  I did this by choosing “Specific milestones” in the content milestones box, and then choosing “created” from the field that appeared.

The next step is to add some filters to my view.

A filter is criteria that narrows down the Tasks and Milestones that I have selected – for instance, you can choose to filter by content type (blog post, newsletter, etc.).

In this example, I have chosen to filter by the content types Blog Post, Ebook, and Landing Page; so these are the only content types that appear on my calendar.

At the top of the filters menu, you have the option of hiding completed content.


If you really like a certain configuration of filters, tasks and milestones, you can save your view by going to the “view” dropdown and typing the name of your view into the “save your view” box and clicking “create.”  You have the option of sharing you view with your instance or keeping it for your own use.

Users also have a legend available that can be expanded or collapsed by clicking on the key located at the upper right hand corner.  From here, you can see your color key, and even use it to toggle your filters on the fly.

Lastly, as a feature enhancement, we have made downloading your calendar a quicker and more seamless process.



What’s Next:

You will have the option to turn on the new user interface so that you can learn it on your own time and without it impacting your workflow.  If you would like to try it out please contact your Customer Success Manager or email the support department at support at kapost dot com.  We will also make training videos and documents available to guide you through the new user interface when it is released.

As we are releasing the official Beta version this month, we would love to hear feedback directly from our users.  If you would be interested in trying out our new look in the coming weeks, please let us know. This will be a great way to help us tailor Kapost to better suit your needs.  Feel free to email your questions or comments to support at kapost dot com or contact your Customer Success Manager directly. 


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