Repurposing Content Revisited

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Recently I co-hosted a webinar with Oktopost entitled “Do More with Less! A Detailed Look at Repurposing Content“. I was initially hesitant to tackle the subject, as a quick search revealed that thousands of articles and resources — some of them from Kapost — about this topic existed already.

Andrew J. Coate Repurposing Content Webinar


I quickly realized, however, there’s a reason we continue to talk about creating content pillars and reusing and recycling content. Many companies are still struggling to put this all into action.

There’s still plenty of confusion surrounding the appropriate way to repurpose content, including what that phrase even means.

So, I’ve decided to compile the most actionable resources I could find on the topic and share them with you here. If you have any of your own to share, please join this conversation in the Kapost Community and let us know!

The Purpose of Repurposing Content

So wait, why are we talking about this again? This is why.

How a Content Pillar Increased New Business by 3X

This post demonstrates the business value of content pillars and repurposing, sharing how Five9 created 63 different assets from an eBook, leading to 3x the closed deals from prior campaigns.

4 Reasons Reusing Content Doesn’t Come Naturally for You

Reusing or repurposing content is not as simple as copying and pasting. It requires strategic thinking and imagination. This post is a must-read before getting started.

End Random Acts of Content Marketing

Why does as much as 70% of content end up in corporate landfills? Why do only 38% of marketers feel effective at content marketing? This post answers those questions and talks about establishing a content marketing operation, capable of understanding each stage of the buyer’s journey, anticipating their needs, and addressing the bigger organizational needs.

Everything Old Is New Again: How to Turn Your Content Inventory Into an Idea Cache

Sometimes creating new content is really as simple as finding ways to provide a fresh take on older content.

Modular Content – Creative Repurposing for Content Marketing

This post provides another angle on what we call the content pillar approach. A favorite thought from it “you could also modify content for different target audiences, which is a form of repurposing that is more about personalization than just getting extra mileage out of your content.”

50+ Places To Repurpose Your Content

What if you’re actually pretty good at repurposing your content, but you struggle to get visibility into the new pieces? Often it’s great to look outside your owned channels for different places to distribute.

12 Ways to Extend the Life of Every Article You Write

Looking for specific ideas on how to turn one piece of content into many? This post has ’em.

Repurposing Content 

An excerpt from the epic “The Complete Guide to Building Your Blog Audience”, this posts includes visuals drawn from real life examples of content repurposed.

How to Effectively Repurpose Your Content into Videos

You may have heard 2015 referred to as an important year for video marketing. Here’s how you take advantage. 

23 Tools For Repurposing Content

Sometimes to repurpose your content successfully, you need the right tools. This list compiles some excellent ones.


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