[Infographic] 5 Simple Steps to Alignment across the Customer Experience

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Upland Admin

Aligning marketing and sales teams is a bit like going to the dentist. You know doing so is crucial to your wellbeing, but in the short term, it’s easier to simply brush your teeth and hope for the best.

And building real sales enablement is even harder than maintaining good dental hygiene because it requires buy-in and commitment from more than just you. It’s no surprise that many of us marketers fall prey to the temptation of saying with a shrug, “If sales wants to be aligned, they can figure it out.”

But here’s some good news: There are steps you—yes you—can take the lead on today, this week, and this quarter to start making alignment a reality. And if the findings in our 2018 Marketing and Sales Alignment Benchmark hold true, the return will be well worth the investment.

Here’s what you should add to your to-do list right now:


Sales and marketing alignment infographic

To see all of the findings, download the full report:

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