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We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again: Marketers are living in content chaos. Whether it’s content that isn’t optimized for the right customer at the right time, stays unused, or is too hard to track and measure—there’s a genuine need to pull content marketing out of the dark and into the light.

Now, don’t get us wrong: Marketing has made significant strides. We’ve done a tremendous job creating and crafting valuable content, used for sales enablement, brand integrity, and customer retention. We’ve honed in on the importance of meta-tagging, influencer content marketing, and utilizing ABM.  Content is increasingly at the heart of what companies do.

So why are we in the dark? Enter our latest eBook, Thriving in the Dark Ageswhich dives head-first into the biggest challenges content marketers face, and how we can combat them.

In the book, renowned marketer Barry Feldman interviews five fantastic marketing leaders in the industry, on everything from content marketing leadership to measuring ROI, planning to personas, and alignment across teams. We promise it’ll be a breath of fresh air to read. We’re not alone with these problems, and we also can shed light on the solutions and put them into action.

As Barry Feldman writes in his introduction, ” Simply stated, content marketing at scale isn’t all that simple to execute effectively. The process is to blame. Everyone may indeed know what they’re doing, but they don’t have the vision required to see what other people are doing—and how they’re doing.”

So, together, let’s find the light at the end of the tunnel and move it up the funnel (see what we did there?) so our content can continue to thrive—adding unique value to our customers, cohorts, and teammates.

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About Barry Feldman:

Barry Feldman co-authored the ultimate guide to personal branding, The Road to Recognition. The founder of Feldman Creative, Barry provides content marketing consulting, copywriting, and creative direction services. He writes for the web’s top marketing sites and was named one of 25 Social Media Marketing Experts You Need to Know by LinkedIn. Visit his blog, The Point, at Feldman Creative. Connect on Twitter @feldmancreative.

Introducing the interviewees:

Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs
Robert Rose, Chief Strategy Advisor at Content Marketing Institute
Ardath Albee, CEO at Marketing Interactions
Scott Abel, Leader of The Content Wrangler
Michael Brenner. CEO of Marketing Insider Group



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