Why Sun Life Financial Is a Top-10 Content Marketer

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In 2013, after a lot of research, we published the Kapost Top 50 Content Marketing Brands: a list of companies that are taking content marketing to the next level.

Since then, we’ve tried to take you on a little tour of each company, answering questions like, what are they doing with content marketing?, and, what’s the mindset and strategy behind the tactics?

Today, we’re proud to talk about one of our top 10 brands: Sun Life Financial and their Brighter Life site.

So, What is Sun Life Financial Doing with Content Marketing?


The biggest ongoing campaign is their Brighter Life site, which takes on topics like money, health, family, and career. One of the reasons we love it is that it goes beyond the bounds of their services. This isn’t a site simply about insurance. It’s a site about life. About the things that are important to their audience.

With this multi-topic approach, Sun Life is communicating to customers and potential customers that they care about their lives, not just their insurance needs.

Smart stuff.

In keeping with best practices, you can also find Brighter Life on social media.

In addition to Brighter Life, Sun Life also creates content a little closer to their products in the My Plan section of their website with tools like:

So, What’s the Mindset behind the Method?

Late last year, CMI did an interview with Brighter Life’s editor, Brenda Spiering, who gave a few key insights into the strategic thinking behind the Brighter Life site. Here are a few of our takeaways from the interview:

1. Sun Life Wants to Engage Prospects Before They Start Searching for Insurance.

They write about topics that people who are planning their lives care about, understanding that at some point that planning will involve insurance and, thus, setting themselves up as an easy go-to when that happens.

2. They Care about Creating Trust.

Content marketing isn’t just about getting more eyes on your products and services, but about becoming a trusted resource. In industries like financial services and insurance, this is doubly important.

3. They Work with a Variety of Mediums.

Brighter Life incorporates not only text and images, but also video—which appears to be a major theme with this year’s top content marketers.

What do you think of Sun Life?

As usual, we’d love to hear from you. What do you love about Sun Life’s content marketing? What will you be taking into your own organizations?

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