The Big Idea- Improved Ideation in Kapost

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As your content operation grows, ideation will play an increasingly important role in the editorial process. Capturing ideas from multiple sources, whether its from a network of freelance contributors, your internal marketing team, or Kapost’s flexible crowdsourcing, is just the first step. Managing that large volume of ideas, and acting on the good ones, so that ideas ultimately become actionable content, is something your content marketing software needs to handle today.

Kapost has always supported ideation as part of the content workflow process. We give you the flexibility to capture multiple idea sources, and those ideas flow seemlessly into your content arsenal. Today, its basically a one to one relationship however. You create an Idea. An idea becomes content. The content goes forth and does wonderful things…

Ideation can become so much more than that though. In fact, we envision a future where ideation is a super-flexible concept inside Kapost. An idea might be the entry point for a single piece of content or fifty. An idea could spawn a pillar campaign, a quarterly initiative, or maybe even another idea. Ultimately Ideas in Kapost are a tool you can use anywhere, to capture anything; a comprehensive way to brainstorm, organize, and implement your content strategy.

To that end, our Product and Engineering teams have been hard at work redesigning Ideas in Kapost… What you’ll see in the next few days is just the beginning; The foundation for new, powerful ideation.


Here’s whats new so far:

Ideas have moved to their own tab in the top nav. Theres’s a clear separation between ideas and content – laying the foundation for powerful ideation-specific features…


There’s a new table view, with convenient features like bulk approve, reject, and archive… 


Activity is captured on the Idea. Its easy to see what happens to an idea after its created…


We hope you like what you see. Stay tuned for more exciting features related to ideation and other amazing stuff. And as always, get in touch if you have any feedback.

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