This Week in Content Marketing: Case Studies, Post-Publication Musts, & Content Killers

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What did you do this week? In case you were busy crossing all those those May to-dos off the list before June–the month of summer and halfway through 2013–and didn’t have time to do some solid reading, I’ve gathered three of the best content marketing posts to keep you in the loop. Enjoy!

I love long-form blog posts. Correction. I love long-form blog posts that hold my attention because they’re so packed with great information you can’t stop reading. Lee Odden wrote a brilliant, big gem of an article this week called “B2B Content Marketing Tactics: Pros, Cons & Best Practices of Case Studies.” It’s a must read, must bookmark kind of post that provides helpful information on creating and using case studies as part of your content marketing strategy. This isn’t one you want to miss. Via TopRank Blog

So you’ve published your newest piece of content. Great work! Pat yourself on the back…then get back to work because you’re not done yet. Marcela De Vivo wrote a fantastic overview of the 12 things you need to do AFTER you hit that publish button. This is another one to bookmark and store away for later…especially if you don’t take her advice and are wondering why you’re not getting eyes on the content you worked so hard to produce. Via Search Engine Journal

Erika Goldwater of ANNUITAS published a nice piece on “Content Killers,” a reference to a Feldman Creative article around the biggest threats to successful content marketing in an organization. Within her post, she points out two of the most powerful “killers” on the list: Disconnection between departments and lack of support from the C-suite, other marketers, and peers. To get an understanding of the problem and how marketing teams can solve it, she interviewed Kapost’s very own Keith Burrows, VP of Sales. Check it out. Via ANNUITAS

And in case you missed anything this week on the Content Marketeer:

What did I miss? Share your favorite posts, articles, and presentations in the comments below, so I can share them, too! Happy June, Content Marketers!

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