This Week in Content Marketing: Ditching Bad Content, Cold Calls, and (Apparently) Half-Read Articles

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It’s been a big week at Kapost ($5.6M big). But because I’ve been rounding up the best articles in content marketing for the past 7 months, I know that you don’t necessarily care about that. So instead of talking about landing a round of funding (woo hoo!), let’s discuss the amazing content that popped up across the interwebs this week. Enjoy!

Erin Estep of SiriusDecisions sums up the content conundrum just so: “There is an imbalance between content supply and content demand – frankly, organizations are spending tons of time and money generating content no one wants.” In fact, they report that 60-70% of content goes unused. Yep, you read that right. That’s a lot of time and resources being thrown away creating uninteresting, unusable content. Worry not! In a great blog post from this week, Erin outlines five tips for getting your content operation back on track. Via SiriusDecisions Blog

There’s a lot of love for infographics in the content marketing world, and this week, I came across another stroke of visual brilliance. I wouldn’t say this one is as “weird” as some of its fellows, but the topic and information create quite the case for inbound vs. outbound marketing. Produced by SAP and Entrepreneur (a difficult word to spell as well as a great online resource), it’s called “Ditch Cold Calls. Why Content Is King” and highlights how authentic, quality content can produce better relationships and results. Via Entrepreneur

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This one is a fun one for Friday (or terrifying, depending on how open you are to facing the fact that your slaved-over blog posts probably aren’t consumed in their entirety…like ever). Well, I kind of gave away the premise of the post in that parenthetical aside, so just check out the full post (or if you’re the average reader of, about 50% of it) here. Via Slate


And in case you missed anything this week on the Content Marketeer:


Did we forget anything? Share your favorite articles in the comments below. 

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