Three Stages of Video Content Channel Creation: GoPro, Jackson Kayak, and Seedwell on YouTube

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American Hipster image on The Content Marketeer “Find out what it’s like to be a user.”

That’s the advice YouTube Next Lab’s Ryan Nugent gives a group of would-be YouTube content creators in a scene from John Seabrook’s January 16 New Yorker article, “Streaming Dreams.” The feature begins with YouTube’s creation story and closes at the launch of the site’s much-discussed Original Channels—and their potential impact on everyone from the “everyday” viewing audience to cable networks.

Whether or not you’re currently producing video, the increasing nichification of YouTube surely has your attention as a content marketer. We’re tuned in and will be writing about the brands and agencies who decide to implement YouTube—or new YouTube tactics—into their content marketing efforts in the coming months.

In the meantime, here are three channels at various levels of content creation worth following to see how they fare amidst YouTube’s changes—and to gauge how well they know their “users.”

1) GoProCamera

The oldest video on GoPro’s current channel was uploaded two years ago. Its most popular (shown here) counts more than eight million views, and it’s easy to see why.


Jackson Kayak is making a serious bet on video content starting this year with the launch of JKTV. Owner Eric Jackson recently told USA Today, “A video magazine online is a big project, but will be a main tool for Jackson Kayak marketing going forward.” Here’s a look at JK’s monthly webisode premiere.

3) American Hipster

Scheduled for an April ’12 debut, this Seedwell creation is part of YouTube’s Original Channels group and will be interesting (if not downright fun) to watch for brands looking to co-create or co-brand content with studios. Seedwell’s client list includes plenty of global household names, including Pepsi, Google, and HTC.

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