Tour of the New Event Content Type

1 minute read

Upland Admin

We’re excited to announce our new release, with the Event Content Type in Kapost.

The Event Content Type is less a type of content and more a means by which a team can announce, plan, and promote an event within the Kapost editorial calendar functionality. 

When you create your Event Content Type, it will have an HTML text field where you can add any content relevant to the event.

If you scroll down, you will also see a section that includes the dates and the location of your event – the map on the right will zoom in on whichever location you specify on the left.

When you add the dates into this information section, the event will appear on the calendar spanning the dates that you specify.  


When you are finished, you can promote your event via your social channels via the normal promotion fields, so that your coworkers and audience can get all the info they need in a few simple steps.

Here is a help article with more info on building and using this new feature on your Kapost instance.

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