7 Ways to Show Your Customers You Care

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Team Kapost

Today, love songs fill the air with their romantic melodies, but here at Kapost, we’re listening to another sound—and it’s inspiring. Our team is kicking off 2018 with a live talk between Toby Murdock, CEO of Kapost, and a panel of customers.

We can’t think of a better way to start the year than by listening to our customers. You know, the people who enable us to have jobs? The ones who give us product feedback, who lead the way in content operations, and who make us excited to come to work every day.

There’s a lot to love and that’s why we want to show our customers how much we care.

How to Show Year-Round Customer Appreciation

Our customers transform the industry throughout the year, so showing our appreciation requires more than a Valentine’s Day effort (and for the record, so does your romantic relationship). Below are ways we show our customers some love in every season, and you can, too.

Don’t worry; we also included insights into how customer appreciation benefits to your company’s objectives. While your customers needs should be at the core of your appreciation efforts, your boss will appreciate that caring for your customers also contributes to your company.

1. Write Cards

To be clear: handwrite the cards. And send them by mail—with a stamp. Yesterday, I received two emails that said, “Thanks.” That was the entire email. In the age of one-liners and quick messages, taking the time to share thoughtful words in a handwritten note shows you truly care and are taking the time to show it. It’s an emotional connection.

As a bonus, it leaves behind a physical presence that keeps your company top of mind.

2. Send Personalized Gifts

Swag is fun, but make it meaningful—and memorable—by giving more than a generic item with your company logo.

Send something specific. When a customer has a baby, send a branded onesie. Did they get a new dog? Send a bone and gift certificate to a pet store. Don’t forget to include a handwritten card sharing your own experience with a new pup.

They’ll see that you care about them as a person and more than just a role in a company.

3. Listen and Respond

How often do you take the time to listen to your customers?

Listening and absorbing what your customers have to say about their objectives, pain points, and how they use your product benefits your customer and your company. It allows you to cater your product to them to show that you heard and you care enough to incorporate their feedback into what you produce. As a result, you have a stronger product and happy customers!

4. Teach

Customers come to you because you’re the expert in the industry. Don’t let them forget that. Teach them and provide tools to help them excel in their day-to-day tasks.

Your customer is your focus and you should constantly give them resources to rock what they do.

An added perk? The more you enable your customers to succeed, the more value they find in your company—and the more likely they are to share your resources (and company name) with others. Not to mention, if your guidance helps them get a promotion, they’ll respect you even more.

5. Celebrate Customer Successes

Let’s be real, your customers do amazing things. All. The. Time. Take time to celebrate them! Did their marketing team just launch a successful campaign? Send them a treat and a card of congratulations for their hard work.

Host annual customer awards and have your customers send you their success stories so that you can share them far and wide. It allows you to give your customers the recognition they deserve while showing off the amazing companies you work with.

6. Host Events

And make sure they are fun and informative. Host user groups so your customers can mingle and share best practices and thought leadership presentations to teach them something new. Or invite them to dinner to show them how highly you value them. The sky is the limit.

Hosting events allows customers to meet you and other industry leaders in person, providing value and strengthening your relationship. There’s a lot for you to learn, as well, by listening to what your customers choose to talk about and getting feedback on the event.

7. Be Genuine

None of these efforts matter if you don’t genuinely care, so take the time to reflect on why your customers are so awesome. When you approach them, be wholeheartedly excited about what they’re doing and celebrate their success.

Key Takeaways

More than 50% of organizations will redirect their investments to customer experience innovations by 2018; Gartner predicted that three years ago. 2018 is here, and businesses are focusing on customer experience more than ever.

A positive customer experience is crucial to customer renewals and to building a customer advocacy network to sing your praises to other potential customers. Conversely, a negative customer experience will result in lost customers, revenue, and public image.

One contributing factor to the customer experience is customer appreciation. Use this list to surprise and delight your customers throughout the year. You’ll create loyal customers and provide a memorable experience worth talking about.

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