How a 209-Year-Old Publishing Company Embraced Modern B2B Marketing

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How do you modernize a 209-year-old publishing company and simultaneously revamp your product and service marketing with an omni-channel global initiative?

Just ask John Wiley and Sons, dummy.

A global publishing company known for their For Dummies brand, John Wiley and Sons successfully positioned themselves as a leading digital publisher, researcher, and knowledge provider by committing to modern marketing, earning them a spot as one of the top B2B marketing brands of 2015.

Starting with a process and operations overhaul, Wiley successfully united historically siloed teams and dozens of contact databases into a single marketing stack. John Wiley and Sons now has several hundred marketers planning, creating, distributing, and optimizing global marketing initiatives under one digital roof.

With a strong foundation in place, the For Dummies team fundamentally changed the brand’s approach to marketing through their worldwide For Dummies Custom Solutions campaign.

Targeting their marketing manager persona across a variety of verticals, John Wiley and Sons’ global teams—from North America to Asia—pulled together to co-brand new and existing assets, distribute content across channels, and track engagement from lead acquisition to sales-qualified lead (SQL).

After bringing in $975,000 of campaign-generated SQLs, it’s safe to say that the smarties at John Wiley and Sons have built a fully functional—and successful—integrated marketing system.

But how exactly did Wiley take on this incredible feat in 2015?

Hear it directly from the people behind the campaign. Check out the webinar featuring Jennifer Webb, Senior Brand Manager, and Jennifer Whitney, Lead Marketing Automation Strategist, as they walk you through their biggest takeaways and lessons learned—in just 15 minutes.

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