How to Hire a World-Class Content Team [Webinar]

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Remember when you’d get assigned a group project in high school? And you’d inevitably get paired with an ever-absent football player and the kid whose backpack contained three crumpled pieces of paper and a pen cap? And the teacher would say, “This is what the real world will be like—everything is a group project”? And it was terrible?

And yet here we are, realizing that indeed, Mr. Smith was right: most of professional life is a group project. And all of it should be if we want to break down silos and unite revenue teams to create a cohesive customer experience across the customer lifecycle.

The difference is that, unlike high school, you get a say over at least some portion of the people you work with. And perhaps the most valuable lesson we can take from our school days is that who you work with can make all the difference.

But how do you find that perfect blend of talents, personalities, and skills?

The Importance of a Well-Designed Content Team

Content is the meat of every interaction—pre- or post-sale—that we have with our customers. It’s how we share our philosophy, our differentiators, and our value. It’s how we start to build the trust that yields long, mutually beneficial relationships. And it doesn’t come out of thin air.

The teams that manage the full application of content are spread across the organization. We call them revenue teams and include within them sales, CS, and many more. But the leaders of the content operation? That honor belongs to the content operations team, a function that exists in more than half of B2B organizations.

The success of this team is fundamental to the success of revenue teams across the organization. It’s no wonder that 97% of marketers believe content will be just as or more important than it was last year for delivering a positive customer experience.

Our recent study indicates that the expectations, requirements, and goals leaders have for their content ops teams have evolved over the last few years. As the demands placed on marketing increase, so too does the importance of building a team with the roles and skills that will win the day.

Leaders Weigh In: What Makes a Good Team?

But what exactly does a great team look like?

“At the center of product messaging excellence is a content operations team. They know every value prop across the board and drive the strategic messaging that fuels impactful content. They have to—it’s the only way to succeed.” – Skyler Moss, VP of Digital Marketing at Ranstad USA

“A great content team is made up of profoundly creative people who are engaged and collaborative. From there, it’s up to leaders to provide clear processes and vision to empower them to channel their talents strategically.” – Liz Veghte, Senior Manager of Global Communications and Digital Marketing at Hach Company

Want to Hear More?

I sure did. That’s why I’ve invited Skyler and Liz to sit down and go deep on what makes a content operations team really work.

They’ll be joining me (and hopefully you!) live on Thursday, March 21 at 10 a.m. PT/1 p.m. ET. Registration doesn’t cost you a thing, so go ahead and sign up. Oh, and bring your questions!

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