Upland Localytics Professional Services for Mobile Marketing

Give us a challenge. We’ll give you back an opportunity.

Upland Localytics’ Mobile Marketing Services are all about transforming your mobile engagement challenges into opportunities for getting the most value from the platform – no matter how you quantify impact and success. For example:

  • We can handle requests for customized reporting so you can get the most useful insights from your data.
  • We use your specific mobile customer behavior patterns to inspire new engagement functionality or campaign features.
  • We work with you to plan, develop, and successfully integrate Upland Localytics with other enterprise platforms for a truly customer-centric culture and organization.

In other words, our Services are here to augment your in-house teams and do whatever you need us to do quickly, thoughtfully, and professionally.

We offer as many different service packages as we have clients

Other solution providers give you The Grid. Services listing down the side. Package tiers across the top. We don’t do that. We can’t do that for the simple reason that each client has a highly specific and unique combination of resources, IT environment, product or service offerings, mobile marketing goals, and customer engagement challenges.

For this reason, every mobile marketing service package is custom designed. You get exactly the subject matter experts, skills, and support you need to produce the fastest, most cost-efficient outcomes possible.

Our Professional Services organization is structured globally across centers of excellence. Our diverse domain, regional and industry expertise helps customers and partners optimize their software investment and grow their business. Our custom packages cover both strategic and tactical services designed to improve your customer engagement and drive results. We cover areas such as:

  • Training – We offer CPD-certified Upland University courses, customized training and accessible self-serve documentation​.
  • Project Management – We help ensure projects and engagements are on track and accomplished according to defined objectives and strategic plans​​.
  • Advisory & Business Services – We can provide a mix of strategic, creative, and tactical consulting and execution to drive program development, strategic growth, and delivery at scale to augment teams’ resources and drive results.
  • Technical Services – We offer documentation, delivery, and operationalization of technical services such as implementations, integrations, and custom configurations​​.
  • Business Insights & Analytics – We can deliver timely and relevant business insights, custom reporting, deliverability analysis, ​program performance, and recommendations to advance programs and strategies​​.

Each package is tailored toward your unique needs by our team of experts

  • Mobile Engagement Consultants
  • Integration/IT Specialists
  • Data Scientists
  • Mobile Campaign Messaging Managers
  • Audience Building Strategists
  • Campaign Program Project Managers
  • Programming Specialists

To deliver exactly the right level of service or services

  • Strategic Mobile Marketing & Engagement
  • Attribution Evaluation
  • Profiles Integration
  • Data Mining & Analysis
  • Remarketing
  • Re-Engagement
  • On-Demand Technical Support
  • SDK Integration (onsite and remote)
  • New Hire Training
  • U/X Evaluation & Optimization
  • Advanced Campaign Analytics, Testing, & Optimization

Every Mobile Marketing Services engagement includes identifying clear and measurable metrics of success for your mobile solution. And we are happy to provide a project overview, scope of work, engagement timeline, and cost estimate – no charge.


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