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As marketers, we’re always looking for new channels and methods to reach our customers and users, and we’re always striving to “cut through the clutter”, even though it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to catch their attention.

To catch and keep a user’s attention marketers have been focusing on Personalization strategies made possible by digitally transforming their marketing capabilities, which bring better results and higher user engagement over traditional broadcast marketing strategies.

The average user spends 7.8 hours a day on their digital devices, and that jumps to 9.6 hours a day for Millennials and 11.1 hours for teens1, so it’s not surprising that so many of us are focusing on digitally transforming and personalizing our approach to marketing.

At Localytics our users are already well-versed when it comes to personalizing their mobile messaging and app engagement campaigns, and they firmly understand the power and importance of incorporating digital, data-focused solutions to make their strategies attainable and impactful. But you can always do more, so we’re adding Web Push- a new messaging channel within Push Notifications.

Web Push provides a new channel for those personalized campaigns that will help you expand your reach and grow your digital and omni-channel marketing efforts. Now you can send personalized push notifications to your web users, whether they are using a laptop, desktop PC, tablet or mobile phone.

Many organizations have a large group of web visitors, and Web Push enables you to reach a whole new user group with personalized campaigns. And you can also continue transitioning your marketing strategy towards omni-channel to create a more seamless and personalized brand experience across your digital footprint.

With our digital engagement solution we make it easy for you to create and send personalized marketing campaigns, so you can continue to expand your reach and grow your omni-channel marketing strategies by providing unique experiences that build engagement, loyalty, and conversions.


Ready to learn more about Web Push? Schedule a quick call with a member of the Localytics team to see what our platform can do to advance your personalized, digital marketing strategies.


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