The 10 Most Telling Quotes About the Future of Mobile

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Mobile is changing the way we relate to the world. Beyond just devices, mobile represents not only a channel, but an entirely new digital lifestyle. We are moving past smartphone and tablet definitions to discover the bigger picture of what comes next.

What is that, exactly?

We gathered 10 of the most telling quotes from nine mobile experts (and one expert research center) on what the future holds for the convergence of digital and the role mobile will play.

The 10 Most Telling Quotes About the Future of Mobile

1. “Our lives will be facilitated by a myriad of adaptive applications running on different devices, with different sensors, all of them collecting tidbits about everything we do, and feeding big digital brains that can adapt applications to our needs simply because they get to know us.”

– Márcio Cyrillo, Executive Director at CI&T

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2. “Tech will transform from something we actively use to a more seamless integrated experience that is ‘on’ all the time.”

– Daniel Bæk, Co-founder of Nodes

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3. “Mobile is the enabling centerpiece of digital convergence. Mobile is the glue for all other digital industries to use when approaching convergence, but mobile is also the digital gateway for the real world to join in this global metamorphosis of human behavior.”

Tomi Ahonen, consultant and speaker

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4. “The rich and interactive experiences we have come to expect on mobile apps have created new standards and expectations for all digital media including the web. The result is websites are evolving to become more app-like in their rich functionality.”

– Raj Aggarwal, CEO of Localytics

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5. “In 2020… There will be a widespread belief that the World Wide Web is less important and useful than in the past and apps are the dominant factor in people’s lives.”

PewResearch Internet Project

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6. “Mobile is becoming not only the new digital hub, but also the bridge to the physical world. That’s why mobile will affect more than just your digital operations — it will transform your entire business.”

– Thomas Husson, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research

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7. “Your mobile device has quickly become the easiest portal into your digital self.”

– Phil Nickinson, Editor of Android Central

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8. “The future of mobile is the future of online. It is how people access online content now.”

– David Murphy, Founder and Editor of Mobile Marketing Daily

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9. “I think the biggest change, and the one we’re already starting to see take shape, is that globally the majority of internet usage will be done via a mobile device and for most people the mobile web will be their primary – if not their only – way of experiencing the internet.”

– Peter Rojas, Co-founder of Engadget and Gizmodo

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10. “In my opinion, the future of mobile is the future of everything.”

– Matt Galligan, Co-founder of Circa

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Photo by Sean MacEntee / CC BY

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