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How do you determine the impact of your marketing campaign on your business? This question has been hard to answer using traditional campaign performance metrics like click rate and conversion rate. Click rate measures engagement with your campaign itself, but doesn’t tell you anything about engagement in your app. The conversion rate shows the percentage of users who complete an event once but doesn’t show how many times they converted. We understand how important it is for you to see the whole picture of campaign impact, that’s why we provide you with True Impact™, the optimum reporting tool that enables you to take the guessing game out of your marketing strategy.

True Impact is a unique reporting tool that allows you to see exactly how users respond to your Localytics marketing campaigns–everything from the revenue generated to the uninstall rate. With True Impact, you can move beyond vanity metrics and optimize your campaigns based on detailed metrics that drive business results. Whether your campaign generates longer average session lengths, lower uninstall rates, higher revenue, or a change in other metrics that True Impact tracks, you now know exactly how a user’s behavior changes after they receive your message.


Become more data-driven with better reporting

Getting insights into your campaign performance is crucial for improving ROI. With True Impact you can easily spot relevant metrics based on your campaign’s objectives by measuring the campaign performance against a control group to automatically view lift in engagement, conversion, and revenue over time. This enables you to better understand your marketing campaigns by tracking metrics that matter to your success, such as the actual number of users who decided to purchase the paid subscription as a result of your latest push campaign.

Knowing your users and their behavior in the app unlocks valuable insights into your campaigns and how your communications resonate with your customers. Measure the impact of every event you’re tracking with detailed metrics around engagement, conversion, retention, revenue, or even adverse reactions, like disabling push or deleting your app. As a result, you can expand your understanding of your campaigns beyond a user’s direct response to your messages. For example, if you launch a new clothing line, you can track not only the sales that are driven directly from your campaign but also other items such as accessories or shoes that your users are browsing and adding to the cart, helping to inform your promotional campaigns and help you drive sales.

By getting deeper insights into your campaigns you can focus your marketing efforts on activities that drive results. You can stop relying on just conversion rates to evaluate the effectiveness of your campaigns, which could be causing long-term negative effects on your customer engagement strategy since you don’t have a full understanding of your campaigns are aligned with your user’s needs. True Impact allows you to see the complete picture of how your messages are driving changes in user behavior – for better or for worse. With better insights, you can easily spot users who are more likely to purchase your new product or subscribe to the paid subscription-based on their behavior in the app, such as past purchases or viewing history.


Demystify your campaigns

The detailed reporting you get with True Impact enables you to get detailed insights through 24 different metrics that allow you to set campaign goals, create control groups, campaign, conversion events, see push opt-out rates, trends and live campaign results.

A deep understanding of your campaigns is the starting point for the optimization of campaign performance. You can start improving your strategies by using control groups and A/B testing different variants of the message. You can finally determine the winning messages by incorporating metrics beyond just clicks and conversions by also looking at retention, revenue, opt-out and uninstall rates.

You can align your goals with your analytics because True Impact provides you with the data necessary to make better campaign optimization decisions that align with your long-term business goals, whether it’s to raise brand awareness, acquire new users, drive conversions or all of these.


The highlights of True Impact

Whether you want to amplify your reach, optimize your omni-channel strategies with personalized communications, or re-engage your customers, True Impact empowers you to get the insights you need to reach your goals.

Campaigns Overview: Customize your own or use our 10 out-of-the-box reports showing you details with 24 different metrics

Revenue Tracking: See how much revenue is generated per user and by campaign

Conversion Frequency:  Discover the average number of times a user performed an activity or a conversion event per user

Control Groups: Adjust the size of your control group to understand the impact your campaigns have on engagement, revenue, conversions and more.

Campaigns Optimization: A/B test up to 10 versions of every message and experiment with content, imagery, CTAs, and more

Discover how to drive better results with True Impact

If you would like to learn more about getting a deeper understanding of your users and the app behavior with  True Impact ™ to speak to your account manager at Localytics or request more info on our page, and we will be happy to show you how to drive your campaigns.


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