What Retailers Can Learn From Sephora’s Omni-Channel Experience

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On the surface, the purpose of your mobile app seems simple: drive revenue through in-app purchases.

But what about all of those in-store purchases that were heavily influenced by mobile? Keep in mind that your mobile app is a piece of your overall business equation. The reality is, the modern day consumer craves experiences that being submerged in technology can grant them.

Take Sephora for example. They are a retail chain flourishing in a world of shuttering brick-and-mortar entities. Why? They realize that experience trumps almost everything else. Their stores are playgrounds for beauty enthusiasts who relish in the “try to buy” model.


Image Source: Tech Republic

The in-store experience is heavily supported by technology. Sephora’s mobile app uses location-based marketing to recognize when a consumer enters their store and serve up relevant information from a store map to deals. Make-up artists use iPads and other mobile devices with clients to showcase hundreds of different shades and styles until they find the perfect match. Out of your favorite Urban Decay palette? No problem. With a few clicks of their iPhone, employees can order it and have it shipped directly to you.

Like any true omni-channel experience, the experience doesn’t end when you leave Sephora’s store. Their mobile app is a premiere destination for all things beauty – from new products, video tutorials, and all the latest and greatest news and trends. It keeps their audience engaged and interacting with their brand to keep Sephora top of mind.


The results? Sephora is the number 1 beauty retailer in the world, boasting growth and profitability amidst a sea of shuttering retail stores. Their early adoption into the digital landscape – including mobile apps – is a big reason why.


sephora iq

Sephora’s Pantone Color IQ

Takeaways for mobile app marketers everywhere from Sephora’s success story is simple. 21st century retailers must do the following to succeed:

  • Infuse your physical store locations with the digital world to create unique, on-demand experiences
  • Create brand loyalty through personalized mobile app experiences. This means moving beyond seeing your app as a vehicle for just revenue, but a means to connect with your customers on a deeper level
  • Understand the power of mobile influence, and make your app an integral part of your overall brand strategy


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