Upland Localytics App Privacy Details for the App Store

December 8, 2020 2 minute read


Localytics SDKs automatically capture basic usage and session data (details below) for application analytics and messaging. In addition to these out-of-the-box data points automatically captured, our customers can optionally tag unique summary events with associated attributes, custom dimensions, screen views, and user profile data. This allows you to drive personalized, targeted messaging with our world-class analytics and deep user insights.

Customers maintain full control over these optional data points. You can configure your application to allow users to opt out of data collection or delete their data as appropriate to meet various privacy or regulatory requirements. Localytics does not require sensitive data, Personally Identifiable Information (PII), or any confidential information to deliver our services. The data collected to deliver our services includes the following:

  • Data collected automatically via Localytics platform-specific SDKs
  • Application name & Application Version
  • Session Open and Close events, timestamps
  • Session Duration
  • Time since last session (sec)
  • Browser (if applicable)
  • Date of initial app launch

Localytics Proprietary and Confidential

  • Device Time zone
  • Device Platform, model, and OS Version
  • Language Preference Setting
  • General Location Data – i.e. Country, Region, State, etc.
  • Carrier Information
  • SDK Install ID – i.e. unique user ID set by Localytics
  • Advertiser ID – i.e. IDFA, GAID (May be optionally suppressed)
  • User type – i.e. Known or Anonymous (Known = when optional Customer ID is set)
  • Push Tokens (when properly configured)
  • Optional data collected
  • Events and attributes
  • Custom Dimensions (e.g. Premium Customer , Logged In status)
  • Screen/Page Views
  • Customer ID – unique user identifier (e.g. hashed email or login username)
  • Custom Profile attributes
  • GPS Location (Lat/Long)
  • Lifetime Value (Change/Value)
  • Acquisition Source/Campaign Data

Localytics uses the combination of Install ID and Advertiser ID, by default, to accurately assemble analytics data. These identifiers are used to help us understand new vs. existing devices, and properly align collected data for analysis. Customers may optionally set a unique Customer ID (e.g. a hash of the end user’s username or email) and custom profile data to understand individual user activity/behaviors across devices and to support advanced message personalization.

These data points include, but are not limited to:

  • Government Issued Identifiers such as Social Security Numbers, Drivers License Numbers,
  • Passport IDs
  • Credit Card numbers or other PCI data
  • Protected Health Information
  • Mobile Telephone Numbers

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