The Top 10 SMS Marketing Statistics Nonprofits Need to Know

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As we move into an increasingly digital age, the way organizations communicate and interact with their audience is rapidly changing. If you’re a nonprofit professional, understanding these trends can help you effectively reach out to your supporters—and one of the most effective channels that’s emerging in the communications landscape? SMS marketing. Here are 10 statistics that reveal the potential and efficacy of SMS marketing for nonprofits.

1. Massive Smartphone Usage

In the U.S., the count of smartphone users has reached 298 million, translating to 85% of Americans owning one of these devices. Such a broad reach means an enormous pool of potential supporters and donors that nonprofits can directly engage with, leveraging the personal and instant nature of SMS. [Source: Statista]

2. Impressive Open Rates

A staggering open rate of 98% for text message marketing means that almost every message you send out  be seen. Compared to other channels like email, this ensures that your crucial messages will almost certainly get the attention they deserve. It’s truly an engagement rate most channels can only dream of. [Source: Crazy Egg]

3. The Value of SMS Marketing

The comparative value between SMS and email marketing is significant. SMS marketing lists are seen as 10 times more valuable than their email counterparts. To put this into perspective, having 100,000 people subscribed to your SMS updates is the same value as having an email list of one million. [Source: Mobile Marketing Watch]

4. A Surge in Mobile Giving

Between 2022 and 2023, there was a colossal 205% surge in donations made via mobile giving. As more people become comfortable with digital transactions, nonprofits can tap into this convenient method, . [Source: Nonprofit Source]

5. Significant Mobile Website Traffic

Today 51% of individuals who access a nonprofit’s website do so using a mobile device. This highlights the shift in user preference towards mobile browsing. For nonprofits, it’s essential to ensure that their websites are mobile-friendly, offering a seamless and efficient user experience to maintain credibility and trust. This way, as someone clicks through from a text message to your website, they have a cohesive experience, increasing the likelihood of donations. [Source: Nonprofit Source]

6. User Preference for Mobile Messages

A vast majority—85% of smartphone users— express a preference for mobile messages over traditional emails or calls. This indicates a shift in communication trends, with people finding texts less disruptive and more in tune with their daily digital interactions. [Source: PC Mag]

7. Text-to-Give Popularity

A recent M+R Benchmarks study  unveiled that the audience for SMS text-to-give campaigns grew by an impressive 26% in just one year. In contrast, email audiences saw a modest growth of only 3%. This differential showcases the rapid acceptance and preference for text-based giving methods among the public. [Source: M+R Benchmarks]

8. Frequency of Phone Checks

The relationship people have with their phones is more intense than ever. U.S. adults, on average, check their phones a staggering 352 times daily. This means every three minutes, there’s a window of opportunity for nonprofits to grab attention with the right message.  Such frequent engagement was nearly unimaginable even in 2019 when the average was 4 times less. [Source: TechSpot]

9. Mobile Payments on the Rise

The trend in mobile payments is clear and upward. In the span between 2022 and 2023, there was a 36% growth in smartphone owners using mobile payment methods. As digital wallets and online transactions become more mainstream, nonprofits have a golden opportunity to streamline their donation processes for a tech-savvy audience. [Source: Nonprofit Source]

10. The Power of Personalization

It’s important to note that generic messages no longer cut it. A substantial 72% of individuals emphasized that they would not interact with a message unless it feels personally crafted for them. Personalization not only boosts engagement but also fosters a deeper connection between nonprofits and their supporters. [Source: Podium]

Mobile Commons: The Perfect Nonprofit Text Messaging Solution

To truly harness the advantages laid out by these statistics, nonprofits need a tailored text messaging solution. Mobile Commons offers a robust platform that understands the unique needs and challenges of nonprofit SMS communication, including these specialized features:

  • Create Engaging Campaigns: Easily build multi-step campaigns, effectively interacting with your audience from your first message.
  • Hyper-Personalization: With Mobile Commons, you can create messages that resonate with each recipient, ensuring higher engagement and stronger connections.
  • Easy Integration: Mobile Commons can be effortlessly integrated into your existing systems, making the transition smooth and hassle-free.
  • Opt-In & Compliance Management: Stay on the right side of regulations by effectively managing user permissions and opt-ins.

Getting Started with Nonprofit SMS Communication

In today’s digital landscape, SMS marketing isn’t just an additional channel; it’s becoming central to effective communication strategies, especially for nonprofits. The statistics discussed offer a clear vision of the potential that lies in SMS outreach—and with platforms like Mobile Commons, nonprofits can not only ride the wave but also lead the charge in innovative, effective, and engaging communication.

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