Best-In-Class Nonprofit Messaging Features

In the market for nonprofit-specific text messaging software? Look no further than Mobile Commons, complete with in-depth targeting, custom location finders, detailed campaign reporting, and more.

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SMS and MMS Messaging

Choose the text style that matches your message, from a simple SMS, or an attention-grabbing MMS with an image, video, or audio, and up to 2,000 characters. Plus, message supporters on a 1 to 1 basis with Agent View for a more personal approach.

Audience Targeting & Personalization

Make every subscriber feel seen by tailoring your messages to custom groups based on interests, location, previous behavior, elected officials, and more. Add a personalized touch to texts by inserting name, location, past donation amounts, or even custom fields like events attended or affiliations.

Polling Locators

Boost voter turnout by helping individuals find their local polling place with our automated polling locator. Mobile subscribers simply need to text in their address, and the polling locator sends back their exact polling location to empower them to cast their vote.

Surveys, Polls & Quizzes

Infuse creativity and entertainment into your mobile campaigns with interactive polls, quizzes, surveys, and contests. Plus, use these tactics to collect zero-party data on your supporters to engage with them on a more personal level in future campaigns.

Automated Journeys

Create a more conversational and personalized mobile program is less time using automated, multi-step journeys. Dynamically respond to subscriber’s replies, actions, and preferences to build two-way relationships. Craft welcome journeys for newcomers, nurture supporters into donors, and capture first-party data along the way.

Legislative Calls

Flood offices of elected officials with calls to demand action. Using our intelligent district matching capability, subscribers receive a text with a click-to-call link to their designated official(s). Plus, click-to-call supports round-robin calling, custom call lists, and audio recordings to inform and mobilize supporters.

Built-In Mobile CRM

Put your subscriber data to work with our built-in mobile CRM, enabling stronger targeting and personalization for highly relevant and motivating messages. Also, gather zero-party data from subscriber’s text responses to further enrich your CRM data and power more detailed list creation and targeting.

Campaign Reporting

Understand campaign performance with interactive reporting dashboards, measuring everything from subscriber growth, message and keyword engagement, link clicks, and more. Want to measure donation impact? Add Attribution Analytics, powered by Frakture, to measure donations tied to individual messages and your entire mobile program.

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