Upland Mobile Commons and Frakture simplify donation attribution for nonprofits

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Team Mobile Commons

Upland Mobile Commons, the leading text messaging for nonprofit organizations, has expanded its partnership with Frakture to launch Attribution Analytics, the new capability to surface powerful donation attribution data right inside the Mobile Commons dashboard.

Donation attribution is a hot, but complicated, topic in the nonprofit space. Concerns revolve around accurately mapping channels and touchpoints, along with the cost, the effort, and the knowledge to do it correctly. With the right technology partners, nonprofit organizations can crack the code to effective attribution, enabling the accurate measurement of ROI that keeps stakeholders – and the board – informed and empowered.

The Download on Donation Attribution

Measuring ROI and understanding the impact of digital channels is essential to ensure organizations are investing in the right channels and engaging with supporters in the most effective ways. Budgets are tight and can change on a dime, so organizations need to know the best place to allocate spend to realize the optimum results for their fundraising, whilst maintaining momentum for the cause.

By embracing donation attribution, nonprofits can not only prove the ROI of their various digital channels quickly and accurately, but they can also understand which channels drive the most return and where to focus efforts.

So, what’s the holdup?

The daunting task of accurately attributing data across channels keeps many nonprofits sticking to their manual processes and spreadsheets, spending countless hours downloading, parsing, and distilling data to prove ROI. But it’s 2024, and there are smart and intrepid technology partners out there who have cracked the attribution code to make it easier for organizations to streamline and automate their processes, while improving accuracy of reporting.

Enter Frakture, the automation and attribution experts that help hundreds of nonprofit organizations demystify their cross-channel connections to return valuable and actionable ROI insights. Frakture’s founder, Chris Lundberg, founded Democracy in Action and Salsa Labs, and Frakture’s mighty team have seen it all when it comes to data, connectivity, and reporting. Their long tenure in the nonprofit space means they know the challenges organizations experience inside and out.

“A lot of nonprofits think it takes in-house data experts or expensive consultants building bespoke data connections,” says Michael Rader, Vice President of Product at Frakture. Michael and his team have worked to dispel myths and address the most common sticking points of donation attribution. On Frakture’s innovative approach, Michael expands, “Our solution is based on data warehousing, standard connections, and consistent data schema. It is inexpensive, scalable, and most importantly, accurate. We’ve had clients find 30%+ more attributed revenue using Frakture versus relying on the numbers from an ad platform or a CRM.”


Breaking the Barriers to Effective Attribution

At the heart of attribution is data, and the ability to connect and track that data effectively, results in accurate and impactful ROI reporting. Frakture and Mobile Commons are both committed to and invested in the importance of actionable data.

The Mobile Commons platform includes a built-in mobile CRM that not only manages mobile subscribers, but also collects and stores vital profile data about them so campaigns and messages can easily be personalized and targeted. Data-driven outreach makes mobile campaigns more conversational and personal, which helps supporters feel seen and leads to greater engagement and lasting relationships.

Beyond subscriber data, Mobile Commons also returns a wealth of data connected to text message campaigns, whether it’s opt-ins and opt-outs, open rates, engagement rates, or link clicks. Tracking the data off the back of delivered messages brings insights on what is resonating with mobile subscribers and what is driving action.

At Frakture, it’s all about tying data together across communication channels. This is done by syncing data across software solutions, consolidating it in a secure yet flexible data warehouse, then analyzing and resurfacing the data as relevant and actionable reporting.

There is one more key component that sets Frakture apart: its attribution algorithm. This powerful algorithm has changed the attribution game by incorporating source codes for better automation and accuracy.
“Relying on third-party revenue reporting means inaccurate data. Frakture’s nonprofit clients rely on our source code-based algorithm to give them accurate data, regardless of cookies, browser settings, or other limitations of outside messaging and donation platforms,” explains Michael Rader of Frakture. “Source coding – which most organizations are already using – is at the heart of our process. For organizations that aren’t already using source coding, we’ve developed a lot of best practices and examples that we use to get them started.”

In today’s world where cookies are no longer the most effective way of tracking, source codes do the heavy lifting by tracking every message and transaction for powerful revenue reporting. This reduces the need for custom program development and leads to a scalable, simple, and accessible approach to donation attribution.


Bringing Attribution Analytics to Mobile Commons

Frakture’s innovative attribution tracking and unparalleled nonprofit expertise has met its perfect match with Mobile Commons, the leading mobile messaging platform in the industry. By combining forces, Mobile Commons launched Attribution Analytics, powered by Frakture, enabling platform users to view donation amounts and transaction volumes attributed to each text campaign sent, right within the Mobile Commons dashboard.

Nonprofits can quickly and easily get a snapshot of each text message’s performance and revenue impact. This makes reporting to managers, stakeholders, and the board efficient and straightforward. It also means proving the value of the mobile program down to the dollars and cents. The information presented within the Attribution Analytics dashboard also helps teams determine which messages are the top performers to further optimize mobile campaigns and inform strategic planning and decisions for even greater future results.

Ready to take the next step and embrace the power of Attribution Analytics? Register for Mobile Common’s upcoming webinar to learn more. It will also include time for attendees to ask questions of both Frakture’s and Mobile Commons’ product teams.

Additionally, you can visit https://uplandsoftware.com/mobile-commons/ for more information or to sign up for a demo of their industry leading text messaging software.

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