44144 Campaign Spotlight: Reese’s NCAA March Madness Campaign

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Upland Admin

Another awesome mobile promotion is getting a lot of great press recently. It’s a campaign from Reese’s that awards, among other prizes, a free trip to the 2013 Men’s Final Four.

Along with our friends over at Young America, Reese’s teamed up with the NCAA for this campaign, titled “The Perfect Pick,” to get in on the excitement of March Madness college basketball. Fans can enter the campaign via one of two ways: online @ https://www.hersheys.com/reeses/promotions/perfectpick.aspx or via mobile by texting REESES to 44144.

An instant win incentive drives entrants and followers for the promotion. The coolest part about an instant win is that people receive instant gratification for their participation, which as we know can be crucial in the digital age. For this particular campaign, after entering the message/user flow is as follows:

  • Birthdate verification to ensure compliance
  • Submit email address
  • Receive a text immediately informing whether a win or not
  • Automatically receive entry into the grand prize drawing

Simple, straight forward and compelling. Users have the option to enter daily and instantly win awesome prizes including Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, t-shirts and, of course, that all expense paid trip to the 2013 NCAA Men’s Final Four in Atlanta, Georgia.

Given their ability to effectively engage users and perfect tie-in with the mobile channel (interactive and immediate), we expect that we’ll see Instant Win campaigns get a lot of buzz in the industry. Let us know if you see others and your reaction.

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